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Archlord: Preview @ IGN

by Inauro, 2006-07-22 02:36:00
IGN previews Codemasters' upcoming MMORPG Archlord.
In the world of MMOs, the social aspect can be both a blessing a curse; a blessing because of the social circles that evolve from the comfort of your gaming chair, and a curse because you can fall into the trap of feeling like part of an ant colony. Wouldn't it be neat if there was an online game where you had the chance to be a prominent individual within the community? Not just prominent, but owning your own castle, flying around on a huge dragon, and summoning small armies when some fool tries to step to you? This is the idea behind ArchLord, another in a growing list of Southeast Asian MMOs attempting to break into the lucrative Western market and due out at the end of September. Unlike several others that have come before, though, ArchLord looks like it has a pretty solid chance of appealing to those who don't like the current crop or have become tired of its conventions.
Source: IGN

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