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Sacred 2 - Review @ VGBlogger

by Magerette, 2009-01-29 16:29:51

VGBlogger has a review up by RPGWatch's Mike Anderson(txa1265) for Ascaron's recently released action rpg, Sacred 2. As with all of txa1265's reviews, the pros and cons are all examined, ending on an overall positive note:

Let me be clear - Sacred 2 won’t be winning any originality contests. It is a straight action-RPG in the grand tradition of Diablo, whose lineage includes games such as Diablo II, the original Sacred, and Titan Quest. Sacred 2 has taken elements from all of those games and improved upon its predecessor in nearly every way...

Sacred 2 is a huge game - in terms of content as well as size. The world is open and you can go anywhere — just like in the original — and the size is estimated at 22 square miles. The main quest reportedly contains over a hundred quests, with hundreds of side-quests available to any character, as well as character-specific quests and quests related to the chosen deity. While I did not go through and count them all, the sheer volume of quests listed in my log gave me no reason to debate these numbers. Generally the quests are simple and straight-forward - go there, get this, kill that - but occasionally there are multi-stage quests. The range of types and difficulty of quests is also very satisfying.


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