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Mount&Blade - Review @ VGBlogger

by Magerette, 2009-01-29 16:36:41

Txa1265 has another review up at VGBlogger, this one taking a look at TaleWorld's sandboxy medieval RPG Mount&Blade:

Because there are so many factions battling for supremacy, you can set yourself up as a good or evil character or simply a mercenary, and role-play your way through the game without the developers’ pre-determined notions stopping you. Unfortunately, while there are many paths and a near infinite number of quests, they are mostly random quests selected from a fairly limited template.

However, do not for a second think that you are going to be rolling around the countryside one-hit dropping dragons as I was by the end of Two Worlds; you are a skilled warrior, but you are not a one-person wrecking crew. You will need to find and recruit many warriors to fill out your band throughout the game, and they won’t all make it home. This provides an excellent balance and depth to the game - rather than just maxing out your sword-fighting skills and mowing a path of destruction, you need to hone your skills and complement them with a solid group of adventurers in order to succeed.

Thanks for the heads up, Mike.

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