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Space Rangers 2 - Reloaded Review @ ComputerGames.ro

by Dhruin, 2009-01-31 09:38:52

ComputerGames.ro has a review of Space Rangers 2: Reloaded, although the article approaches it as new product rather than comparing Reloaded to the original release.  The score is 93% and here's a bit on text adventures:

But perhaps the most exciting type of mission is the so-called adventure. These are nothing but text puzzles which can be solved by selecting the presented course of action. Variety is again the key-word here, and you will need to use logic, mathematics, memory and imagination in order to solve them.

If for example winning a rock competition, with only a few hundred rockadollars to your disposal, or winning a motorcycle race may be somewhat normal, the slightly disturbed imagination of the producers can be observed in other such adventures. Such as the test for a sex-change, where you need to let yourself be transformed into a six-eyed raccoon, and battle your peers. Or cooking a gross-pizza for a hungry Maloq.

Source: Blues News

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