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Gothic 2 - Now Available on Good Old Games!

by Txa1265, 2009-02-04 00:20:27

As noted here:

Due to some last-minute trouble we had to postpone the release of SpellForce, however we're releasing another great RPG in its stead - Gothic 2 Gold.

Gothic 2 Gold is a third-person role-playing game by Piranha Bytes. The game's storyline picks up where the first part left off, three months after the protagonist the Nameless Hero, is rescued by Xardas. He soon learns he has much yet to do, as Khorins faces another threat. Its only means of salvation lies in an ancient artifact - the Eye of Innos - which lies in the hands of Lord Hagen, leader of the paladins. If he fails to retrieve it, war and ruin will befall the land. If you want to get hyped some more, check out the intro movies on our YouTube channel.

Download it here for $9.99!

Source: Good Old Games

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Gothic 2 Gold

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