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Cyclopean - Writing Sample

by Dhruin, 2009-02-05 21:59:02

Cyclopean developer Scott sent news of a sample of writing from the Cthulhu inspired indie game.  Here's a sample from a dream sequence titled Dream of the Witch Hunters:

“Smell that on the breeze? Brimstone. She’s the Devil’s whore for certain.”

Four figures, cloaked and cowled against the autumn night ride down a narrow, wooded track. The horses are reduced to a walk by the roots and stones of the trail, but the white plumes of their breath show they were recently ridden at a full gallop. The men are clearly searching for something. Two carry torches fashioned from bundles of dried rushes, and each has a sword, either on his hip or saddle. The two without lights keep a nervous hand near their weapons. Their voices carry through the crisp air and are as clear as if you sat among them. 

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