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Overlord II - Previews @ GamesRadar & IGN

by Magerette, 2009-02-08 18:18:25

The sequel to last years' multi-platform strategy/rpg title from Codemasters and Triumph Studios, Overlord II, is getting taken for a quick spin at two game sites.

GamesRadar has this to say about it, previewing the PS3 version:

In Overlord 2, you'll actually be playing as the descendant of the "hero" from the first game. Having been smuggled into hiding to avoid the previous Overlord's wrath, you're actually raised by minions to become a brand new force of evil in the world. Speaking of evil, while the first game had some pretty devious moments (slaughtering sheep, hobbits and elves by the truckload), the developers felt that the evil could've been more pronounced. This time around you'll still be making choices to determine how you complete each quest, but the choice is now between domination and annihilation.

IGN chimes in briefly here:

The minions have improved as well. Their mobility has increased so they'll be able to climb walls and make use of mounts that let them jump over rivers. New scripting gives you the option to send them off on independent missions through possession powers. Better still, the minions that you become particularly attached to can even be resurrected when they die..

Overlord II is currently scheduled for a summer release.

Also, Gamespot has a Comic Con video interview up featuring some in-game footage, which you can see here.

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