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Two Worlds: The Temptation - Mini Q&A #2

by Dhruin, 2009-02-09 21:16:01

The second part of the mini-Q&A at the Two Worlds: Temptation site is now up.  Here is the full thing:

Are you still working on graphic innovations or have you moved on to gameplay, quests, etc?

Even if our current stage of development is currently focused on game content like quests, magic systems and such, some of the team is always working on the graphics framework. We just finished the implementation of "Atmospheric Scattering" for example. This makes things like fog and tendrils of smoke look much more realistic.

Have you already integrated the physics system?

Yep, although it's not quite complete... but we're almost there - the hero can try to keep his balance on bridges and walkways spanning dizzy heights - and he can lift barrels and other objects and throw them at opponents. The game world itself also benefits from the physics system - flotsam, jetsam and even rafts can be found floating on rivers, which are influenced by realistic wave movements - and the hero can naturally interact with all of this!

What's happening with Yarmalin?

Ahh, the city of Dwarves - yeah, we'll have to ask the fans to be patient on that one, even though they're naturally curious about it, since it appeared in the first version... but our story from the "Temptation " takes us more into the Land of the Elves, rather than to Yarmalin. In this game, Yarmalin will not play any role. BUT - we haven't forgotten the Dwarves and their capital city - they, and it, live on as part of the Antaloor saga!

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