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Puzzle Quest: Galactrix - Factions @ Worthplaying, Preview @ IGN

by Magerette, 2009-02-13 18:28:06

Worthplaying takes a detailed look at the playable factions available and their impact on gameplay in Infinitive Interactive's soon to be released sequel to their puzzle/rpg hybrid  Puzzle Quest, Galactrix:

Every time you interact with the world of Galactrix you are gaining or losing standing with various factions. For example, shoot down a Vortraag ship and not only will the Vortraag remember this and gain an active dislike to you, but the Trident Military Command will find out and you will gain a little more credibility in their eyes. Or undertake a mission for the Jahrwoxi against the Elysians, and your faction standings will likewise be affected.

And IGN does a preview of the game focusing on a comparison to the first Puzzle Quest  and an overview of the ship classes available here:

Another major difference is that you do all your attacking and equipping with your ship. In Puzzle Quest you could capture monsters and use them as mounts, but here in Galactrix your vehicles are much more involved in gameplay. There are over 30 ships you can collect and customize. Below is a breakdown of some of the general classes of ships and their most common uses. You can only have three vehicles in your fleet at any one time, so you'll have to make tactical decisions about which to use. Reading the benefits each class provides gives you an idea of just how big this game is. Ships can be bought, or built if you find the plans.


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