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Titan Quest: Reviews @ Gameminion & BFGeeks.dk

by Dhruin, 2006-07-22 23:39:00
Two new Titan Quest reviews today - let's start with <a href="http://www.gameminion.com/review.php?id=9" target="_blank">Gameminion</a> who scored 3.5/5:<blockquote><em>Fights in Titan Quest are generally you (and your friends in the case of a multiplayer game) against hordes of fairly weak monsters, rather then having to gang up against a few tough guys. This means fights are usually chaotic but fun, although some people may find it repetitive after long periods of play. The animations and implementation of physics is fantastic, especially given the number of creatures you fight at any one time. There's nothing like seeing your character literally hurling miniature demons into the walls with his axe strokes as he blitzes a dungeon, only to have them bounce off and fall down a chasm somewhere. Throughout the duration of play, you're likely to witness many hilarious flying & falling enemy corpses, and its little things like this which make the game enjoyable and a real hoot to watch.</em></blockquote>...while <a href="http://geeknews.bfgeeks.dk/?page=news&id=2253" target="_blank">BFGeeks.dk</a> scored 8/10 despite reservations:<blockquote><em>Moving on, I really want to get into the game mechanics of Titan Quest. I am sure you are asking yourself, how does it work? Well, you clicka a lot. You then kill mobs and mobs of creatures and find tons of loot. This said loot can be found anywhere from inside a chest to on the ground after dropping from a slain creature. Titan Quest is a loot driven RPG that prides itself on giving you stunning click gameplay mixed with a lack of caring about what is going on in the storyline (at least Diablo had the whole a UDevila "! thing going for it). I thought this might not be the case, but sadly it is. I found myself just killing mob after mob just to get to new loot (which doesna "!t drop all the time. I was still finding level 1-5 loot on creatures even when I was half way through the game) or to get a new skill.</em></blockquote>
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