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Two Worlds: The Temptation - New Races

by Dhruin, 2009-02-23 20:10:15

Another little update at the Two Worlds: The Temptation site, with this one saying the final changes to their character editor means they can populate the world with final NPCs:

Good news from the House of Reality Pump! The team has almost finished the Character Editor and can now start populating Antaloor with the final NPCs! And one thing is clear from the info we're getting - it's gonna be a multicultural world! On the one hand there's the race of humans. Then there are humans who are part Elf and even part Orc - and these half-breed beings are especially talented in all things magical and in combat. And last but not least, there are the true High Elves - and they're sub-divided into 'normal' Elves and Dark Elves.

The individual attributes of these beings will play a major role in "The Temptation" - especially in the Multiplayer game. The player can select a character from 6 races - and this gives him special start-up attributes which he'll then have to develop during the course of the game. These character attributes also play a major role in Single Player Mode - and they affect the AI of the NPCs too. Dark Elves often possess a lot of knowledge about Dark Magic - they're also very intelligent, but they can be hellishly cruel. The Elves are exactly the opposite - they're very level-headed and have great strength and dexterity - and that makes them perfect for long-distance weapons like the bow and arrow. They can also blend into their surrounding very cleverly... you might not see an Elf until he's inches away…

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