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Planescape: Torment - New Walkthrough @ Sorcerer's Place

by Magerette, 2009-02-25 17:35:50

Sorcerer's Place adds to the online resources for Black Isle's classic tale of the Nameless One, Planescape:Torment, with a recently completed in-depth walkthrough covering all major quests and sidequests in the game, character creation, NPCs and more.

Here's the full description:

After a couple weeks' availability to SPS account holders and fixing up some last minute quirks, we are now ready to open up our brand new Planescape: Torment Online Walkthrough to the (un)washed masses!

Montresor has done a great job writing it, covering just about everything in the game, from the quests to NPCs, items, character creation and more. The walkthrough comes with handy online maps and screenshots for easy visualization, so using it should be a snap.

We believe that the walkthrough is complete and free of errors, but as with any major new feature, something may have slipped our attention. If you spot any such problems, please report them.

You can check it out here.

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