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Fantasy Wars: Elven Legacy - Preview @ Strategy Informer

by Magerette, 2009-02-28 17:32:25

For those who enjoyed the turn-based fantasy/strategy title Fantasy Wars, Strategy Informer posts a preview of the stand alone sequel from Russian developer 1c-Ino-Co and  Paradox Interactive, Elven Legacy, which includes some new screenshots and a brief developer Q & A:

Originally inspired by Fantasy General, Elven Legacy is a direct sequel to Fantasy Wars and as such continues within the fantasy world of Illis, utilising the same sort of aesthetic and HUD. While the two games look superficially almost identical, there are a number of new features and subtle refinements beneath the surface. The AI has been vastly improved for starters putting a far greater emphasis on tactics and winning battles through your own careful strategic planning rather than sheer strength in numbers..

...Each unit and hero character possesses their very own special abilities too, which can be developed through gaining experience points in true RPG style.

Elven Legacy also includes a map editor and an expanded multi-player campaign, and is on track for a March release in Europe. Worthplaying quotes an April release, presumably for NA.

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