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Age of Decadence - Interview @ Resolution Magazine

by Dhruin, 2009-03-02 21:11:37

A short interview with Vince D. Weller is in the latest edition of a UK gaming eZine called Resolution.  Since we know Vince's views fairly well, here's the current status:

R: When can we expect to be playing The Age of Decadence?

This year, hopefully. The game is playable, but playable and good are two different things. Putting everything together was relatively easy. Making sure that every feature is good is the hardest and very time-consuming part. A lot of ideas sound great in theory, but they often work differently in-game or have unexpected side effects.

Overall, in my humble opinion, Blizzard is the only company that "gets it". Making good games takes time. You rush a game a lot of people want, you'll end up delivering an inferior product and piss of the very same people who only yesterday demanded the game to be released "now!". We get one shot at breaking into the gaming industry and we aren't going to take unnecessary risks by releasing the game before it's ready.

A combat demo will be released soon. We hope you'd enjoy it.

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