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GamesRadar - 30 Rules Every RPG Must Follow

by Dhruin, 2009-03-04 10:54:47

These guys love lists but this tongue-in-cheek one isn't bad, even though it's been done before.  Obviously based on jRPGs, Games Radar's 30 Rules Every RPG Must Follow still works reasonably well for quite a few CRPGs:

1.  You've overslept...And today’s the day of the town's special holiday fair. Luckily, your grandfather woke you up before you missed it. Still, it's sad that your parents weren't around to help him raise you, but they were killed under non-specific circumstances in the Great War that ended once and for all a few years ago.

Despite the rustic, medieval setting, your grandfather is seen as a source of wisdom and experience. Nobody’s noticed his lack of usefulness and apparent unemployment in a village where every other house has a specific purpose. The two of you have lived a quiet life in your one room cabin that is simply “your house.”

Gramps will tell you to go check out the village. You know, see what’s new with the 15 villagers you’ve spent every moment of the first 16 years of your life with.

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