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Puzzle Quest: Galactrix - News Roundup

by Magerette, 2009-03-08 18:52:07

Quite a bit of virtual print's been devoted to Infinitive Interactive's Puzzle Quest sequel, Galactrix since it's release late last month. Here are a few articles not so far covered, all of which seem to revolve around the frustrations of the game. For the sake of brevity, I'm just quoting the conclusions:

First, 1UP reviews the game, giving it a middle of the road score of C+ :

So while I'm excited about the changes to the formula for Galactrix, the downsides aren't sorted out nearly as well as I'd hoped, making this huge bundle of gameplay seem more like a chore than a boon. But if you can get past the flaws, Galactrix's battle system is even more delightful than Warlords', and the game is definitely way more ambitious. I can't ignore the problems, but overall, it's the type of game design risk I want to see rewarded. 

Next, Atomic Gamer is even less thrilled than the score of 68% would seem to indicate:

Even with the modest $20 price tag for Puzzle Quest: Galactrix, it's not worth the frustration after a taking a couple of losses that are completely out of your hands. I understand that those who played the hell out of the first game and enjoyed the demo for Galactrix may not understand how this game could actually wind up so bad, but as someone who liked the demo as well, I warn you to stay away. The game's just not built for playing any longer than an hour without some serious aggravation.

GameZone is a bit more postive, with both a long Q & A with I2 CEO Steve Fawkner, and a short review that seems less enthusiastic than the overall score of 7/10:

Really, it’s all the same puzzle game with the same base mechanics. However, that does not make this an entertaining game. Sure, you don’t want to sit and play it for hours on end, but for moderate gaming stints, the game is enjoyable. Random chance does play a bit of a part and can be a tiny bit frustrating at times, but with the right gear on your ship, and a bit of planning you can control the flow of the puzzle to some extent.



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