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Titan Quest: Review @ Strategy Informer

by Dhruin, 2006-07-24 13:13:00
Strategy Informer dropped us a line about their Titan Quest <a href="http://www.strategyinformer.com/pc/titanquest/review.html" target="_blank">review</a>, which sports a score of 7.7/10:<blockquote><em>You wona "!t have been playing the game for long before you run into something youa "!ll be seeing a lot for the rest of the game a  large groups of monsters of the same type. From the beginning of Titan Quest through to the end, these guys always seem to hang out in groups. And while that isna "!t necessarily overly challenging for your character, it can get very tedious at times. As you start fighting your way through these groups of monsters, youa "!ll come across another main aspect of the gameplay a  loot. A very nice aspect of Titan Quest is that if you fight a bunch of guys with swords, youa "!ll be able to pick up those swords once the fight is complete so you can sell them later on. Most of that time that group of guys will also have a treasure chest, pile of bones, coffer, or . . . you get the idea, in which they have stored some more valuable items. This is great, because if some larger than average dude has a fiery hammer or the like, youa "!ll get to pick it up. The downside is that even as you get towards the end of the game, youa "!ll end up with a lot of junk on the ground. In order to help you sort out the good stuff from the dross, you can hold down the ALT key, which will show you the items of higher value. Item names will be shown in different colours depending on whether they are broken, standard, magical, rare, epic, or legendary. Gold, potions, and relics that can be used to enchant items, will be different again. All this will help you sort things out pretty readily, but ita "!s still a disappointment to take down a group of monsters and only be rewarded with items fit only for a scrap heap or a low level character, which unfortunately happens a lot even at the later stages of the game.</em></blockquote>

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