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Kivi's Underworld - Review @ Tea Leaves

by Dhruin, 2009-03-11 22:30:01

A short review of Kivi's Underworld is up at Tea Leaves, a blog we've linked quite a few times.  There's no score but they obviously like the game:

Several years ago Soldak Entertainment released Depths of Peril, a game that took some of the addictive elements of Diablo II and married them to a framework for inter-player competition. The graphics were simple but effective, and the controls were instinctive. I ended up not playing it as much as I’d have liked to in part because it has a “kitchen sink” feel. There were so many options in the game, available from the very start, that I ended up not motivated, but paralyzed.

Kivi’s Underworld is a similar game, with the fat trimmed out. It is a better game for it.

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