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Spiderweb Games - Jeff Vogel Blog

by Dhruin, 2009-03-11 22:54:30

Jeff Vogel has joined all the cool kids and kicked up his own blog at Blogspot. The Bottom Feeder will chronicle Jeff's thoughts and exploits with typically acerbic humour.  On finding some some respect with the rise of the term "indie":

Now, when someone asks what I do, I say, "I run an Indie game company." And it is completely sweet.

Isn't that a great word? Indie! It has this aura of cutting-edge and danger about it. Like Indie rockers. Like I'm Kurt Cobain, if he never left his basement or something. Indie means I'm cool, and independent, and fighting The Man. And it even goes a long way to explain why my games look like they were made on basically a zero budget. Because they were. But it's all right. Because I'm Indie. MAN!

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