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Titan Quest Review @ Gaming Hexus

by Kalia, 2006-07-24 15:04:00
<a href="http://gaming.hexus.net/content/item.php?item=6235">Gaming Hexus</a> has posted a very in depth, comprehensive review of Titan Quest. Awarding the game their Editor's Choice, the reviewer said: <blockquote>Right then, what have we got for Titan Quest overall? Well to kick off, Titan Quest looks superb. Ita "!s the little touches, such as the swaying fields, flickering flames and crumpling bodies that really highlight the effort that has gone into the graphics. Ok, so those are all just features to add to the ambience of the game but they work brilliantly, combining with the main action to give you a believable world to explore. Similarly, the sound effect and background music work superbly to give a real feel of either the time of day, the place youa "!re in or what youa "!re doinga or even all three.</blockquote>
Source: Blue's News

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