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The Planescape Trilogy - Purgatorio Demo Released

by Dhruin, 2009-03-14 12:24:07

As promised, Rogue Dao's Purgatorio demo has been released.  You can grab it from NW Vault (note: there are a lot of files). Comments from Bill Harper on the official forums:

Allow me to clear up the speculation, and make the official announcement:

I found some bugs last-minute, that needed to be repaired, before I could package. As a result, upload schedule was a few hours behind. File upload started at officially 4:14 am EST, Friday the 13th. Files might not get uploaded for public consumption until Saturday, as a result.

If it means anything to you, I am literally now ending a 44-hour straight work session, with absolutely not a single minute of sleep, in order to get both a couple more nifty features active and a hopefully even smoother playing experience. That, and final packaging of course.

I really gave it my all people, tried my best to keep this promise we made to you and keep this deadline. Missed by a few hours, I think. I've got nothing left to give for the minute, it's all been given to this noble effort. And I'm far beyond exhausted from it. But despite all that, I'm still very happy (and relieved) that we'll get to share the fruit of our long labors with all of you, and soon.

We really hope you enjoy what you you experience. We hope this demo is at least worth some of the long wait. We are certainly proud of what we've got to offer you.

Rest assured, after a much-needed modders' vacation, there is plenty more coming from us at Rogue Dao! Who knows---maybe you'll come and join us this time.

Now pike off, ye barmy spire climbers! Laughing
And let the games begin!

Bill Harper
Co-Lead Designer, Rogue Dao Studios

...if the demo release is confusing, here's a post from earlier in the week on the NWN2 forums:

The purpose of the release is to release something.

Basically, Purg is not done. Development is slow and difficult, and above all we want a quality final product. However, we've been sitting on a massive amount of custom content, interesting areas, and, as you mentioned, amazing music. This release is for people to see what we've done so far, and if there's anything that would be useful to them, use it.

Just to be clear: don't download the module next Friday expecting a full play experience. Instead approach it as us putting out everything we have saying "here's what we've done, isn't it cool?". We think it is, and hopefully you will too.

Keep an eye on our forums for more information, and thanks for your confidence.

Thanks to Prime Junta on our forums.

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