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Non-RPG RPGs? @ eToychest

by Kalia, 2006-07-24 15:38:00
eToychest writer Ryan Sharpe has posted an interesting article. In it, he lists five games that he feels are immersive enough to -be- RPGs though they are -not- RPGs. See if you agree:
3) Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (Multi-Platform, 2004)

The Grand Theft Auto games have always been fairly open, but it is in the state of San Andreas that you could really play a role. In the beginning, the protagonist, CJ, is pretty much a blank slate, and through the course of the game you get to mold him to whatever you see fit. Should your CJ be a gleefully rotund gangbanger, always wearing his colors and getting respect in his hood? Or would you rather turn him into a lean, mean, killing machine, decked out in the latest fashions and obscene amounts of bling for his high-brow social engagements? The myriad ways in which you could alter and customize CJ in the great sandbox that is San Andreas really helped the game feel like you were playing a role, especially compared to the fairly worthless protagonists of the first three Grand Theft Auto titles.

Source: eToychest

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