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Obsidian Entertainment - Forum Tidbits

by Dhruin, 2009-03-19 21:09:53

Lucky Day sends in these comments from Obsidian's Rob McGinnis on what a theoretical new moddable/GM-run game (like, say, NWN3 if they ever did it) might look like:

We have "blue sky" discussions pretty often about how we would do a Moddable/GM-run game very differently from how we approached NWN2. With everything we have learned from NWN2, I think anything else we would make along those lines would turn out pretty sweet.

We still feel that height-mapped terrain is the way to go, which means a walkmesh would have to be distributed in Multiplayer... But we would change the way PWC files are handled, if needed at all.

We would also probably allow for streaming areas (one continuous world).

We would definitely make the game more data-driven so that modders would have much more freedom to create what they want.

Less dependence on animation/modeling middleware would also be a goal - though we would probably still stick with something like 3dsMax or XSI internally, we would work to make the engine accept other formats as well.

Now remember: I'm not saying there is anything in the works at the moment. These are just some of the things we talk about. But yeah, we get excited about the possibilities.

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