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Kivi's Underworld - Review @ Rampant Coyote

by Dhruin, 2009-03-19 21:16:48

Another look at Kivi's Underworld with the Rampant Coyote taking the game for a spin.  Here's a relevant snip:

But what does Kivi's Underworld have for a guy like me, a hardcore RPG fan who, rather than doodling during geometry lectures in High School, created fully balanced and mathematically balanced Champions characters using memorized point-values for powers, limitations, and disadvantages? Am I the target audience for Kivi's Underworld? Well, the answer to the latter question is only "maybe," but the answer to the first one is, surprisingly, "plenty."

I enjoy a quick game of Gauntlet Legends or Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance on my consoles at home, or a few rounds of Kid Mystic. Kivi's Underworld falls somewhere in that same scope (though I think it is a bit more intellectually stimulating than Gauntlet...). It's pared down the RPG formula to its bare essentials, but the essentials are dang fun. For the faithful, it's a "Beer and Pretzels" kinda game. Brian candy. RPG Snack Food. Good fun when you need to scratch the itch.

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