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Fantasy Wars: Elven Legacy - Gameplay Trailer

by Dhruin, 2009-03-26 22:05:35

Paradox sent out the following PR, announcing a new gameplay trailer for the now-Gold Elven Legacy.  The clip is hosted on Youtube and the link is at the bottom of this spiel:

War is Upon us! Elven Legacy heralds a call-to-arms

Elven Legacy in game trailer and presentation released today

GDC San Francisco March 25th 2009 - To mark the prelude to war, Paradox Interactive is honored to release it's latest trailer showcasing a selection of battle ready units, from the forthcoming fantasy, turn-based strategy title – Elven Legacy.

Calling all you heroes of fantasy. The time has come once more! Unsheathe your swords. Ready your shields. Unsling your bows. For across the once peaceful lands of Eiola, the storm clouds of war have begun to stir. Whether it be deep beneath the Northlands of the reclusive Dwarves. Across the evergreen forests canopies of the mysterious Elves, or throughout the bustling towns of the Human Empire.

Swordsman, axeman, archer, spearman or knight, warriors one and all, rally in response to the sound of drum and horn. Even within the inhospitable wastelands of the Orc tribes, they to gather in readiness and what's more, what manner of creature lies hidden in the countless dark caves that populate the dangerous wildlands.

Maybe these savage beasts be recruited to fight for the cause!?

Time is ticking, as the sands of peace run down. So make haste and unfurl the blood-splattered regimental banners from long ago and make ready.... For war is upon us!

Click on the following link, to view the trailer :

To watch a game presentation from earlier this year, please click here;

Read more at: http://www.elven-legacy.com

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