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Good Old Games - Interview @ Strategy Informer

by Magerette, 2009-03-27 16:35:32

Strategy Informer talks to  Lukasz Kukawski, Marketing & PR Manager for digital download site Good Old Games about their business model, the new Ubisoft additions to their catalogue, DRM, and how things are going for them so far:

Strategy Informer: What is the underlying ethos behind Good old Games?

Lukasz Kukawski: Good Old Games is a digital distribution platform dedicated to classic PC games. What is different about GOG.com and other services, aside of the games catalogue, is that we offer DRM-free games. This means after you buy a game on GOG.com you can download it as many times as you want, install it on all computers that you own, burn it to CD and play it without having an internet connection. It's like a CD version of the game, but without the CD...

Strategy Informer: What games to consider ‘old’ enough to feature in your catalogue? What’s your cut-off point?

Lukasz Kukawski: As for how old game should be to appear on GOG.com, there's no specific rule for it. Simply saying we release games that aren't new, so don't expect the new Dawn of War or Empire Total War. The shelves in game stores are too short to have all games on them, that's why a game that is 6 months old is sometimes hard to get. We want to offer games that are hard or even impossible to find in retail...

Strategy Informer: What are your thoughts on DRM?

Lukasz Kukawski: We are all gamers at GOG.com and frankly saying we hate DRMs implemented in games. We don't think DRM is the best way to fight piracy. You won't find any copy protection that haven't been broken, so this won't stop pirates from getting the games the illegal way. DRM is more of an obstacle for legitimate buyers than people who pirate games, because if you get the pirated version you'll get it stripped from all forms of copy protection and you can do with the game whatever you want...We think that the best way to fight piracy is to offer good games in a reasonable price with cool additional content.

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