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Sacred 2 - 2.40 Patch Released

by Magerette, 2009-04-02 17:58:16

Ascaron has made good on their announcement to release a content update patch incoporating Nvidia PhysX tech and a variety of bug fixes. You can see the announcement, fix list and pick up the patch here at the official siteWorthplaying, and in multiple lanuguages at the Patches Scrolls.

Here's a partial list on just the PhysX tech:

The current version of Sacred 2 - Fallen Angel contains several bugfixes as well as these newly implemented features:

nVidia®-PhysX TM Technology Implemented:

The display of two combats arts for each respective hero has been
enhanced with physical effects. Executing a combat art will now have
direct impact on the immediate environment (small stones, leaves, twigs).

The enhanced combat arts are:

  • High Elf: Glacial Thorns and Incandescent Skin
  • Temple Guardian: T-Energy Shroud and Untouchable Force
  • Seraphim: Flaring Nova and Radiant Pillar
  • Shadow Warrior: Nether Allegiance and Augmenting Guidon
  • Inquisitor: Mortifying Pillory and Frenetic Fervor
  • Dryad: Dust Devil and Edaphic Lances

Certain particle effects as well as different wind speeds are also vailable now. Leaves and stones may be moved by wind or by walking across them.

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