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Fantasy Wars: Elven Legacy - Review @ AceGamez

by Dhruin, 2009-04-06 12:36:41

Another mediocre score for Fantasy Wars: Elven Legacy with AceGamez awarding 6/10 in their review.  Points were deducted for being too similar to the original game, which isn't a drawback for those of us who waited for this version:

Due to its familiarity and the fact that there are not a vast number of additions to Elven Legacy over the original Fantasy Wars - the only really new things are the Elves and mission choices - I cannot really recommend Elven Legacy to players of Fantasy Wars. However, as a game in its own right, the rich graphics, the suitably easy to pick up gameplay and the well conceived story do combine to result in a decent game. However, problems such as the poor audio, the underachieving multiplayer and the fairly short campaign length, as well as the 'leftovers' from Fantasy Wars, do drag down what is otherwise an enjoyable experience, meaning that Elven Legacy does not reach the dizzying heights of must play status, but is still worth a try and provides a strong foundation to build upon - I just hope that next time around, the structure uses a modified schematic rather than just sporting a fresh coat of paint.

Source: Gamerankings

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