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Geneforge - Reflections @ Scorpia's Lair

by Dhruin, 2009-04-08 00:41:08

With the Geneforge series now wrapped up, Scorpia reflects on Jeff's comments that Geneforge hasn't been as poular as his other games:

The basis of Geneforge is a hybrid of science and fantasy. The Shapers do with magic what we do with technology: manipulate genetic material.

This mix is nothing new. SF and fantasy have been combined before in the Might & Magic series from the beginning, and in the later Wizardry games, to give two examples. It didn’t really work too well in those, and it doesn’t work well here, either.

For all the talk about research, Shaper labs and equipment, experiment notes, machinery, and so on, what really happens? You just wave your hand, and poof! a creation appears.

The only difference between making a creation in Geneforge and summoning a creature in a typical RPG is that the creations hang around until dead or re-absorbed. It’s almost like having a band of familiars traveling with you.

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