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Borderlands - Goes Cel-Shaded [Updated]

by Dhruin, 2009-04-10 01:40:17

Also at Kotaku is news the RPG-shooter Borderlands has switched to cel-shaded graphics.  Changing the style well into development sounds like a dangerous proposition to me but here's what Gearbox has to say:

Though there's always the chance some people could be turned off by the style, it was decided that, overall, it fits the game and creates a more visually interesting experience. Our concept art had this incredible, distinctive style and feel that fit so perfectly - the game has not become less detailed or washed out at all. Rather, it retains the detail and style that's often lost when we move from concept art to 3D. It stands out, and makes the gray-and-brown bleak landscapes, while still bleak and inhospitable, memorable and recognizable. The entire world has life to it, from the creatures to the very rocks and dirty walls. The game world is no less gritty, dirty, or harsh - all of the detail is there, and the environments have even more atmosphere. We solicited feedback from our focus testing initiative, which consists entirely of a very large pool of gamers from all walks of life, and in the end, the choice was clear for us.

[Update] Not cel-shaded apparently but a change in art direction.  Northreign points out this update:

No, Borderlands is not cel-shaded — it's a gritty and serious world after all," Pitchford told Kotaku via email. "But since the game was first unveiled we have made big advancements with the art direction and the technology to support the art and have produced some pretty impressive, even shocking results.

Apparently, the media blackout will end soon and we'll see for ourselves.

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