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Bethesda Softworks - Interview @ Gamesindustry.biz

by Dhruin, 2009-04-15 22:32:47

Peter Hines talks to Gamesindustry.biz about DLC and their relationship with Zenimax.  Here's a bit on expanding the market, and who'd have thought the X360 would save the "hardcore" gamer from pink ponies?

Q: How are you reaching out to a broader demographic?

Pete Hines: There is no magic thing that you can do. There is no magic number of ads, there's no one place, there's no one aspect of your campaign. Part of it is what is the game you're doing and what is the experience, and can a more casual person get that?

For example, with the experience site we put together for Fallout, the whole idea for it was to present Fallout in a way that people will think is cool regardless of whether they obsess over it daily or they had never heard of it. We present the game to them in a way that is cool, interesting, and engaging. It doesn't matter what their level of knowledge was coming in; they were simply able to get it.

The key thing is that once they get it, it is something that they actually want to get. If Fallout was a game about riding pink ponies through an enchanted forest, you're going to fail because that's not something cool or fun. A more casual person still wants to play games. You're marketing an Xbox 360 game. Even if you're trying to go more casual, you're still selling it to somebody who owns a 360. They have some knowledge of what gaming is.

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