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Geneforge 5 - Review @ GameTunnel

by Dhruin, 2009-04-17 12:14:05

Yet another Geneforge 5 review where the author has limited exposure to genuine cRPGs, which is a shame given that GameTunnel is a dedicated indie site.  The recommendation is "try" and here's a snip:

Geneforge is a point-and-click RPG, so many of its aspects are similar to games like Diablo. Travel and interactions are all done with the mouse (and a healthy assortment of hotkeys). The combat is where Geneforge shines, and is fairly unique in my opinion. The battles were turn-based, and involved all the characters in the field. There was no separate battle screen, no chaotic "real-time" fighting, or other perversions of turn-based battles (WoW... cough, cough).

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