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Fantasy Wars: Elven Legacy - Review @ GameShark

by Dhruin, 2009-04-19 00:15:35

Fantasy Wars: Elven Legacy has been reviewed at GameShark, who awarded a score of "B", saying "generic" turn-based gaming is better than none at all.  On difficulty and AI:

Those battles are monstrously rough, however. The AI is fairly good at exploiting weak spots and attacking weakened units which are on the verge of death but the design itself assumes you are the Elven Legacy version of Patton because it throws wave after wave of bad guys at you. I’ve been playing these types of games for well over a decade and I had to resort to playing on the Easy level, which seemed about right from a challenge perspective. It’s a brutally tough game.

The AI is tough and makes for a seriously challenging game but it would be nice if more info was presented to you while a battle is raging. There's no visual identifier as to how many points of strength a unit takes after a scrum or even if a unit dies -- you need to keep track of this yourself. Even as spells start flying around the field it's tough to figure out who is doing what and the camera tends to zip around making it even more confusing. When a high rank unit dies I’d like to know aside from realizing, "Hey where'd my archers go?"

Source: Blues News

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