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Spiderweb Games - Blog Update

by Dhruin, 2009-04-22 00:54:07

Jeff has kicked up Part 2 of Indie Games Should Cost More, addressing several common reactions to his first piece and his pricing over the years:

"Your Games Are Too Crude and Old-School To Justify the Price"

Then dude, seriously, don't buy them. (And, if I may ask, why are you playing them?) I have my pride. If you don't think my games are worth it, don't give me money.

But consider this. I write plot-heavy old-school, turn-based RPGs. Almost nobody else does. I provide a quality niche service few others provide. Some people LIKE the crude, old-school thing I got going on. The scarcity of the service I provide justifies the price.

In other Spiderweb news, Geneforge 3 has been updated with Universal binaries for you Mac users.

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