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Frayed Knights - Update

by Dhruin, 2009-04-22 23:09:26

I meant to come back to this a couple of days ago and forgot...a tired Jay Barnson has kicked up an update on Frayed Knights as he overhauls the combat system:

But that's the interface side. On the underlying mechanics side, the high-level game was also getting out of control. Balancing things was getting insane. So I chose the better part of valor and wussed out. Things are a lot more "level-based" in the game now than I originally intended, but frankly I didn't see a clear path out of this without a serious round of simplification. There were basically too many moving parts in the underlying rules system, and as I deduced from literally hundreds of feedback forms, nobody was really clear how things were working under the hood anyway. It didn't make a difference to anybody. So I replaced some of the more "simulation-esque" rules for simpler, more game-y rules.

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