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Alpha Protocol - Interview @ Gro.o2.pl

by Dhruin, 2009-04-28 23:52:15

Polish site Gry.o2.pl has an interview with Matthew Rorie on Alpha Protocol.  As always with this site, the conversation comes in both Polish and English.  Here's a snip:

Klecha (Gry.o2.pl): What sort of skills will be available in Alpha Protocol?

Matthew Rorie (Obsidian): Since Alpha Protocol is an RPG, our skill system is the primary method by which players will customize Mike Thorton to play with as they wish. You're going to have skills that rotate around the use of each of your weapons, including unarmed combat, as well as skills that allow you to more easily use gadgets or hack into enemy systems, increase your health, and so on.

Each of the skills will also let you unlock certain abilities that you wouldn't be able to otherwise use. For instance, if you increase your SMG skill high enough, you will unlock an ability called Bullet Storm that will allow you to temporarily fire your SMGs without having to reload them. Pretty handy for clearing out a room full of enemies.

Source: Blues News

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