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NWN2: MoW - Interview @ NW Vault

by Dhruin, 2009-04-30 22:58:42

Luke Scull and Alan Miranda from Ossian have been interviewed at NW Vault about Mysteries of Westgate.  The conversation starts with the release delays but then delves into the gameplay itself:

While folks can play Mysteries of Westgate any number of times, what is a realistic number of variant characters class-wise that you could run through it? Is it a tank/caster/rogue type of scenario where the player will only really see a major difference with three character types, or is it more in depth than that? Will one type of character have an easier time than others?

Luke: In my opinion, players will have a significantly different experience based upon alignment – both good or evil and lawful or chaotic – as well as character class. It’s not quite so simple as tank/caster/rogue, because many quests have different options depending on certain ability scores or skills. Unlike many CRPGs when you see different outcomes mainly through dialogue, there are entirely different gameplay sections depending on choices made. All classes should have a roughly balanced experience (on the understanding some wacky builds will always have a tougher time with combat than others). 

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