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Cyclopean - Writing Sample

by Dhruin, 2009-05-02 01:27:18

Scott from ITS let us know he has posted a new Cyclopean writing sample on the forums:

The Curious Manuxet Medicine Man

17 September, 1720 – Deerfield, Massachusetts
The ink still wet on my diploma, I had first come to the New World hoping to practice Law.  I had thought there to be much work to do with Indian treaties and in the forming of new laws for our Colonies in the Americas, an opinion formed from equal parts hearsay, promotional pamphlets, and groundless optimism.  At the time I had little in the way of name or fortune, and in point of fact, still do not.

After my first twelve-month in the port of Boston I have still only secured a handful of contracts.  Due a facility with languages, these mostly involved treating with local Indian tribes on behalf of the merchant guilds.  These contracts are seasonal however, and with Winter approaching and no prospect of regular work, I was considering crewing my passage back to London when a letter arrived from an old school mentor, one John Susskind.

In previous years, Susskind had held the post of Proctor at Deerfield Township in the interior of Massachusetts.  Having lately heard through mutual acquaintances in Britain of my difficulties in the Colonies, he had secured an invitation for me from the new Proctor of Deerfield, Richard Manley.  Manley is a man of much influence whose name I myself have heard bruited about London whenever the Colonies were mentioned.  Susskind opined that I was sure to find the work to my liking, providing, as he said, that I was not already set up as a merchant-lord in Boston.  Since this was definitely not the case, I spent the last of my funds to buy passage with one of the infrequent goods trains into the interior.

There are other samples if you want to search the forum using for "writing".

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