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Eschalon: Book I - Review @

by Magerette, 2009-05-03 18:40:27

Linux Forums has posted a review of Basilisk Games' cRPG, Eschalon: Book I, with a scoreless but positive look at all the details:

The first thing that strikes you about Eschalon is the music. It's soothing, calm, makes you feel comfortable while playing. And play you will. Alot. This is not the kind of game you can finish in a week then move on to another turn-based game. You'll give up your social life, you'll start arguing with your girlfriend about going to sleep late and in a few more day you'll be calculating everything in turns. I swear to God I was seeing tiles on the street by the third week.


Eschalon is the perfect example of how a turn-based game should be made. The number of creatures you'll encounter is not as high as in other games of the genre but they're five times harder to kill. You'll spend countless hours battling, resting and battling again. Furthermore, Eschalon will make you use your brain because completing a task will not be just about how much blood you can spill. There are cryptic riddles to crack and an incredibly large map to explore. I'm impatiently waiting for Eschalon: Book II that's coming out this year. It will also have a Linux port, a redesigned interface, support for higher and better graphics and a larger game resolution. Thumbs up to the people at Basilisk Games.


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