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Mount&Blade - Warband interview @ Strategy Informer

by Magerette, 2009-05-03 19:05:44

Strategy Informer posts a short Q & A with the producer of Taleworld's soon to be released Mount & Blade mp expansion, Warband, Cem Cimenbicer:

Strategy Informer: With the Mount&Blade expansion pack, what is the most significant new feature you’re introducing?

Cem Cimenbicer: In my opinion – some people might think different – multiplayer is the main feature of the game. It will add a lot more longevity to Mount&Blade because you will never get bored of the game’s AI, as people will be playing with you. And if you like medieval combat, Mount&Blade will serve you at it’s best, because no other game has given you proper medieval combat in a multiplayer mode.

Strategy Informer: Have you any other future expansions planned for Mount&Blade?

Cem Cimenbicer: We have hundreds of new features for this expansion such as more combat strategies that we had never thought of before and there may be more of these added in the future. There will also be some additions to the map and the campaign mode in which you’ll be able to travel across a larger map with more cities, more armies in a more active world with better AI. There are also small additions to the moments in the map that will be added on.

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