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Sacred 2 - X360 Review @ IGN

by Dhruin, 2009-05-06 14:08:45

At least a week ahead of the release but IGN has the first full review of the X360 version Sacred 2.  The interface comes in for quite a bit of criticism, resulting in a final score of 6.2/10:

It feels like Ascaron Entertainment tried to stuff a bear through an airplane window with Sacred 2: Fallen Angel. This Diablo-style action-RPG was released for PC late last year, offering players a range of enjoyable character classes, skill combinations, a gigantic world to explore, and lots of things to kill and collect. Its story and quest structures were fractured and for the most part derivative, and generally not the reason to pick up a copy. But the simple style of click-to-kill gameplay worked well enough to satisfy gamers looking to click, slaughter, loot , and repeat either solo or online with others. Now with the console version, it seems the game hasn't weathered the transition process all that well. Though the core mechanics are still solid, the rest emerges as an awkward, ugly, and inconvenient product still weakened by bugs, though seemingly less than were present in the PC version.

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