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RPGDot Feature: Kingdom Elemental Interview

by Dhruin, 2006-07-26 09:15:00
While this is a little off-topic we know many of our readers like strategy games, so when the opportunity came up to interview Liberation Games about their indie title 'Kingdom Elemental', Kalia took it. Here's a snip:
RPGDot: What are some of the unique features of Kingdom Elemental?

Scott Thunelius: Turn based games always freaked me out. Why is that monster sitting there while some dude hits him with a sword? On the other hand, real-time games are always so hard to manage. The game becomes more of an arcade game when you have too many units on the screen - how fast you can click becomes the challenge, not the fight. So I wanted to combine good things about both turn based, and real-time, but leave out the bad by adding a very seamless real-time pause feature. This enables players to enjoy the game completely as a real-time strategy game if they choose, but they are also given the ability to pause the game when the battle becomes too intense, think things over, and issue orders accordingly. I think this is one of the most important, and unique features.
Read it all here.

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