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Fallen Earth - Developer Journal part 3 @ Warcry

by Myrthos, 2009-05-12 00:08:31

In the third part of developer Journals from Fallen Earth Grace Hagood writes about the Judges, a villain faction of major religious fanatics.

Let's face it: religion is a touchy subject. A lot of game designers would rather steer clear of including religion in their work. However, a game like Fallen Earth, set in a future based on extrapolations of current society, can't ignore the reality of religious extremism. What we can do, though, is use our particular (and sometimes peculiar) filters to present religious fanaticism in a post-apocalyptic framework.

Fallen Earth has several groups with religious or pseudo-religious elements. One of our print ads features a woman hiding from some dark strangers, and the tagline reads, "I'm low on bullets, out of gas, and some freaks are trying to steal my ride to worship as a god." Those freaks are the CoGs, a group that reveres technology and attempts to restore broken devices through worship. The Cult of the Dead is another zealot group, human worshipers of the vampiric Pale Ones. Even player factions like the Lightbearers have some hints of religion; Buddhist philosophy provides a strong tone for the group.

My favorite fanatics are the Judges. Players meet the Judges in Mumford, one of the starter towns. The Judges have been drawn there by what they believe is a sign -- a "falling star" -- to offer their own brand of salvation to the population. Players who miss Mumford will encounter the Judges in Coppermine, further into the Plateau. Here they begin showing their true colors. They have forcibly taken over a mine searching for some kind of relics. They've also murdered most of the citizens in the neighboring towns of Pinkston and Mowbray because they viewed the populace as sinful beyond redemption. From there, the Judges only get crueler and quicker to... well... judge.

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