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Thief 4 - Interview @ Incgamers

by Dhruin, 2009-05-12 14:27:13

Stéphane D'Astous, the general manager at Eidos-Montreal, has been interviewed about the freshly announced Thief 4.  Not much is revealed and it turns out the game has been revealed even before pre-production:

So how far along the development process are you at the moment?

In the world of gaming there are mainly three phases – the concept, pre-production, and production – and right now we've reached our goals with the conceptual base, the story. Obviously, the tough part is still to come, so the team will be ramping up, which is good news because even with the hard times in the financial world, videogames still have bright skies – at least in Montreal! So we'll be hiring approximately 40 people in the next six months: artists, programmers, designers, all the works. They'll be working on the next phase, which will be pre-production, so it's too early right now to mention any kind of a release window or SKUs that we'll be working on. The important thing is that we have a great team, a core team of maybe 20 people, and we're going to the next stage.


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