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Sacred 2 - X360 Reviews @ GameZone, GameSpot

by Dhruin, 2009-05-17 00:18:59

A couple of new Sacred 2 console reviews...let's start with GameZone, who score it 6/10:

Unfortunately, it’s about here that things begin to fall apart. The same issues that plagued the PC version are here, including an uninteresting storyline, and derivative level-grinding gameplay. The game requires you to spend a sizable chunk of time building levels without much in the way of story progression, which can be quite problematic for those looking for a compelling action-RPG experience.

GameSpot is more positive at 7/10 and praise for the interface:

However, some aspects of Sacred 2 have been tweaked so it stands a little apart from the crowd. Most noteworthy is the new interface that shifts the game from mouse-and-keyboard to gamepad. Character-building, interface, and special-ability functions have been perfectly mapped to trigger buttons and the D pad on both the 360 and PS3 controllers. Even if you're accustomed to playing with a mouse-and-keyboard you'll likely prefer the gamepad after an hour or so of play. Multiplayer is also enhanced in comparison with the PC version of the game, since single-player is seamlessly integrated with the Net over both Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. Solo campaigns can be set so other players can drop in and out at will when you're online. And you can also wander the game world with buddies in a free-play setting or take on all comers in competitive play.

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