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WoW: Summer Movie Contest @ Official Site

by Inauro, 2006-07-26 23:15:00
Blizzard and Xfire have teamed up for a World of Warcraft <a href="http://worldofwarcraft.com/contests/xfire2/index.xml" target="_blank">Summer Movie Contest</a>.<blockquote><em>Are you an aspiring filmmaker? If so, you've come to the right place! The World of Warcraft Summer Movie Contest sponsored by Xfire is an excellent way for you to show off your talents. We're looking for players to produce movies, set in Azeroth, in four main categories:<br><br> * Dance<br> * Comedy<br> * Drama<br> * Two-Minute Short<br><br>The content requirements for the movies are open-ended, as long as the movies are created in game.<br><br>This contest runs from July 25, 2006 to September 12, 2006. A variety of prizes, such as XFX GeForcea c 7900 GT video cards (PCI-Express) and Sennheiser PC160SK headphones, will be awarded for the top-five entries in each of the categories listed above. To read the official rules and regulations and view a complete list of Xfire's prizes, visit Xfire's contest page <a href="http://www.xfire.com/cms/xf_wow_contest_summer#main" target="_blank">here</a>.</em></blockquote>
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