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Depths of Peril - Patch 1.014 Released

by Magerette, 2009-05-22 17:52:00

Soldak Entertainment continues their exceptional post-release support of their indie hack-n-slash/strategy title, Depths of Peril. The beta version of the latest patch for Windows and Mac has been finalized and is available here on the patches page which advises:

These patches will only work with the full purchased version of the game from our website, the retail version, and the Manifesto version.  They will NOT work with the Reflexive (also known as gamecentersolution), Arcade Town, TotalGaming.net/Impulse, Gamer's Gate, Mac Game Store, or Steam versions of the game.

You can also pick it up at Gamers Hell.  The changelog is here at Soldak's official site, where it's also noted that Soldak now has a Facebook Page.



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