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Frayed Knights - Latest Update

by Corwin, 2009-05-23 02:37:38

Rampant Coyote has an informative update posted on his site dealing with what he calls 'the next 5 minutes'. Here's a short sample:

One thing which I wanted to experiment with was changing the time-of-day. Now, I'm using the Torque Game Engine, which has some pretty nice lighting, but it comes at a cost - it relies heavily upon "static lighting" which it can pre-calculate in a lighting pass in advance. This is time consuming, and it caches the results so that future lighting passes take less time.

I spent a bit of time this week working on a dynamic time-of-day system, which unfortunately has a lot of ugly side-effects. For one thing, it breaks the lighting cache, so that it means we always have to relight all the time to make sure we've got things lit properly for whatever time-of-day you are entering the world. And it is time-consuming. Annoyingly so. Especially as the scenes and towns get more complex (as Ardin is about to...) .

So I'm looking for an alternative. This probably means having duplicate versions of areas -- one for daytime, one for nighttime -- which is going to be quite problematic, especially for setting up triggers and events based on area geography and my existing flag / event record system. There may be other solutions as well that might not look as good. Or I may have to fall back on not having time-of-day - which would suck. Because I'd hate to lose this:

There's lots more so check it out if you're at all interested in this Indie RPG.

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