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Mass Effect - Galaxy Impressions @ IGN

by Dhruin, 2009-06-03 07:27:04

Presumably the last of BioWare's titles at E3, IGN has a look at Mass Effect: Galaxy for the iPhone.  It looks like a pure action title, so we'll probably bow out after this:

Now, is this the Mass Effect game that fans are hoping for? It depends on expectations. If you go into Galaxy looking for a deep RPG like the one you played through four times to get all of the achievements, you may be disappointed. This is most certainly an action game -- and it comes across as a pretty arcade-like action game at that. So, do yourself a big favor and adjust those hopes. As a big Mass Effect fan, I'm curious to explore more of Jacob's story and see how it serves to either link the two console games or at least set up Mass Effect 2.

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