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Fallen Earth - Developer Journal part 3 @ Massively

by Myrthos, 2009-06-05 12:45:35

In the third installment of Fallen Earth developer journals Sunset Cemetery, the lair of The Cult of the Dead is discussed.

The Cult of the Dead is a pseudo-religious group consisting of human cultists who revere grossly mutated humanoids called Pale Ones. The Pale Ones are Fallen Earth's post-apocalyptic version of vampires. But don't expect a sexy Edward Cullen or charismatic Dracula. Large creatures with sallow skin, long fangs and claws, and snake-like eyes, Pale Ones are closer to the Nosferatu of F.W. Murnau's iconic 1922 film.

Although players can encounter the Cult of the Dead in a few other locations earlier in the game, Sunset Cemetery provides the first large encounter area for the villains. The area was planned to be located outside of Devon Township, a large town in the western part of the sector. When we began writing missions, however, we discovered the area was so far from town that requiring players to return to Devon Township would be frustrating. This turned out to be a happy accident, as sometimes happens when designing a game, because we pulled the related missions out of Devon Township and created Sunset Hill, a small enclave of NPCs nearer to the level. Now the missions of Sunset Hill are directed to Sunset Cemetery, creating a clear, focused experience.

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